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Tammy has totally changed our lives. We were looking for a personal trainer who would push us, cater to our body and our needs, and most importantly keep us interested. We had attempted to work out together in the past but never with a trainer. With 6 months to our wedding, we met Tammy and could tell she would help us achieve our fitness goals.

Tammy showed us how to focus our workout time and get the most out of every moment. We are not big gym fans normally. However, Tammy helps us get an efficient workout that seems easy and totally works. Now we will look great on our wedding day and beyond.

Tammy gives us what we need - she pushes us - she is always finding ways to keep us interested - we do different workout circuits almost every time we see her - she compliments us when we are doing a good job - she is always attentive and making sure we are OK.

Tammy has guided us every step of the way and now we have a commitment to fitness (that we never thought we would have) for the rest of our lives.
—Ed Duran and Cary Galarraga, South San Francisco

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