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In the past I have never liked gyms and working out because it was boring and I didn't know what I was doing. I like having Tammy there by my side. I cast enough judgment on myself that I'm not doing enough so I don't need a trainer that is going to beat me up.

Tammy designs a new workout every week (to curb my boredom) based on the kinds of exercise I like to do. She also gently encourages things that I may not like but helps me build up my tolerance and strength to do them knowing they will build a more balanced body. We work out on Mondays together at a gym, which is a great charge of energy to start my week. To support the rest of the week, Tammy came to my house to assess what equipment I could work with on my own. This was brilliant, I had no idea I had so much at my fingertips. In the three months we have been working together I am more fit and healthier than I have been since high school!
— T. McBee, San Francisco


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